How To Build Kitchen Cabinets – The Easy Way

how to build kitchen cabinets

Soon the dream is ready!!

Build your own kitchen cabinets and save some extra funds. This can be achieved by anyone willing to build cabinets that will glow with longevity. In case you like working your self on your home improvement, creating your dream kitchen will never be a difficult thing. It calls for dedication, seriousness and commitment. Having the right strategy and tools will help you display carpentry skills that remain in your dream. Reading through the rest part of this article will help you master how to build kitchen cabinets on your own that deliver with care. Giving it, a personal try is better than imagination.

 Measure the Kitchen

Ensure to measure your kitchen. You will have to fabricate a scale drawing that contains the cabinets on your free plans. You can use free plans found on the internet, home improvement/inventory stores or you could try Teds Woodworking “Done-For-You” step-by-step blueprints. Ted also has over 16.000 plans and project, so there is something for everyone. You can also visit a traditional lumber producer that markets cabinetry if you have someone in your area. It is necessary to examine everything from measure the kitchen to taking into account the price. This will give you the information and view, on how to carry out your plan and follow the procedure.

Selecting the Wood Type

In case, you are envisaging on glazing your cabinets to suit your kitchen, choosing a less expensive wood will work perfectly. It is also important to select the type that will finish and enhance your task. You can always get quality results by checking through the resources mentioned above. Provided that you have chosen your wood type, giving it to a lumber store employee will be the next step. If you have your own tools and want to do all yourself then don’t forget to check the CAD Software and the videos on Teds members area you get as a bonus. From this point, your total cost will be estimated by the lumber store clerk. Doing everything yourself also has an advantage because you have full control over everything and certainly makes the quality of the cabinets you will build much better.

Final Draft

Ensure to create a final draft of your measurements and dimensions in the CAD Software. You will have to arrange your cabinets correctly to deliver a better and attractive format. In case you are not satisfied with the arrangement method, rearranging will help in using the total space required. Try to create a list of essential supplies, make sure this contains the actual dimensions of the wood pieces you want to use. Now, you can go ahead and buy your supplies from a lumber store or whatever store/outlet you have found.

Building your own kitchen cabinets according to a step-by-step plans makes it easier to achieve the perfection you need. This will help the process to look quicker and accurate from DIY point of view.

Don’t forget your budget, this is a great priority to consider while planning. Make sure to go always through market research prior beginning building. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Most of us want to build our own for two reasons.

  • One – Save some money
  • Two – Having better control of the quality

Even when reason number one is not your preference I am sure you could use some money saved buying some new tools or to take the wife to some nice dinner. I haven’t seen an unhappy wife with a new kitchen and dinner at a nice place yet!

I hope some of the features explained in this blog post will help you on how to build kitchen cabinets perfectly.


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Image by neogejo, licensed under Creative Commons.

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